Chinese green tea with anise, lemongrass, star anise and lemon peels

Thé des Marseillais

aix&terra, créateur from delicatessen in Provence, pays a tribute to the famous Harbour City Marseille and creates a subtle Green Tea with anise and licorice.

These traditionnal ingredients from Provence, used in " le pastis de Marseille" are well known for their refreshing virtues : you can drink our "Thé des Marseillais" as an iced tea.

Handmade in Provence

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Type : green tea

Brewing time : 3 minutes for an hot tea

                      4 hours for an iced tea

Time of day : afternoon

Taste : floral

Quantity needed : 2g (50 infusions)


Chinese green tea (84%), lemongrass (6.5%), anise (5%), lemon peels (2.5%), star anise (1.25%), liquorice (0.75%)